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F1B 7C-16 LN50mm
Long Nose 7C #11077
Fasco F1B
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The Fasco F1B 7C-16LN Long Nose upholstery stapler uses 7 series staples. 2" long nose for easy access to tight places. Our most popular long nose stapler. Good tool for upholstery, cornices, and other drapery work. Italian made Fasco tools are industrial quality, designed for years of use.
fastener specs:
3/8" crown 22 gauge
7, 71, Senco C series
length: 1/4" to 5/8"
tool specs:
length: 8-3/4" height: 8"
weight: 2 lbs. rear exhaust
air pressure: 60-100 psi
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